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Are your Medicare expenses rising year after year?  Are you worried that volatility in the market could affect your retirement dreams?

Why we do it

Reason one

With all of the different options, Medicare can easily be overwhelming for folks.  Sometimes it sounds like an alphabet soup with all of the different parts: Part A, Part B, and Part D on top of the Medicare Supplement plans: Plan G, Plan F, Plan N, wow!

Reason two

Another big concern for many people nearing retirement is whether they have enough money in their savings or not.  You may wonder “How should we allocate our funds?  How can we protect them from all of the unknown risks?  What if we require extra medical care, or need to go in a Nursing Home?”  These are questions we have helped many people answer, and would love to help you answer

Reason three

The main reason we do what we do is to build life-long friendships.  We look at our clients as our family, and always put their needs first!  We truly enjoy the friendships we have built over the last few decades, and look forward to the new friendships to come!

Our Work

We would love to meet you to help make your retirement dreams a reailty.

What our customers say

“When we were getting ready to enroll in Medicare, we had so many questions, and it was so overwhelming.  Some friends of ours had given us Terry’s name and assured us that he would explain things and clarify things when it came to our Medicare insurance and Part D choices, and our friends were 100% correct.
After we met with Terry, we understood exactly how our insurance would work, and it was made so simple.  This was several years ago, and since then, we have referred numerous neighbors and friends to Taylor Advisory Group, and they are so very thankful that we introduced them to Terry!
The customer service after the sale is second to NONE with Terry and his team.  We will continue to spread the word and refer people to Terry because he puts all of his clients first!
Thanks Terry!”
Gary & Chris B. | Columbus, NE

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